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couples therapy


Couples therapy starts with an intake session where we discuss the concerns that you’re looking to address right now and start exploring your relationship’s history. I’ll ask to hear your love story, including the periods before, when, and after you committed, along with any other major changes, like parenthood or starting a new career. Both partners attend the initial session together. I work with couples who are over 18 years of age.


Before your first session, you will receive an intake form with information about the psychological services I offer and what it means when I say I’m a provisional psychologist. You’ll be asked to sign the forms indicating you understand and consent to services. It’s important for you to understand the information in these forms! Because consent should be informed and ongoing, I encourage you to ask any questions you have at any point in our work together.


After the initial joint session, I do one individual session with each partner to get a better sense of that partner’s goals for therapy as well as their personal history and how that might be impacting the relationship today. After the individual sessions, we once again meet altogether to discuss the information I received during intake, the Gottman Sound Relationship House model, and ways I expect we will be able to improve your relationship. Both partners then attend all subsequent sessions together.


Couples have the option of completing the Gottman Relationship Checkup. The assessment evaluates your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses and provides a report that will be sent to you via email.



I also offer a six-week marriage preparation program for couples getting ready to commit. Rooted in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, sessions will focus on building a solid friendship, resolving conflict, and preparing for a lifetime of shared challenges and wins. 


My approach to marriage preparation is secular in nature, though I welcome any spiritual beliefs you might wish to bring into our work together.



  • Effective communication

  • Connection and disconnection

  • Relationship satisfaction

  • Preparation for long-term partnership



  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy

  • Attachment-based, narrative, and parts work

Photo Credit: Rob Pumphrey via Unsplash

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